Would You Rather Game


WYR have extremely hairy armpits or extremely hairy arms, unable to get rid in any way?
Armipits, u can hide that easier.

well since you can hide your armpits i would say that. WYR spend the night in a cave with wolves or in a cave with vampire rabid bats?
wolves of course, they can be nice, ever heard of the boy raised by wolves? exactly

Probably the bats because I would have more of a chance fighting them off. WYR be forced to eat you favorite food until you puke or be forced to eat you least favorite food until you puked.

least favorite, if i ate my most favorite i would have a taste aversion and never want to eat it again

-probably my least favorite food since I know it wouldn't take me long to puke. WYR drink endless amounts of milkshakes while standing in the snow or drink endless amounts of hot chocolate in the desert?

hot chocolate in the desert. i could chill by the shactus

I think hot chocolate in the desert, idk why, maybe because i prefer to be hot rather than cold. WYR have 100 paper cuts or 100 splinters?

splinters, once they are out they wont be so bad

splinters for sure!

Paper cuts, because those would heal on their own and splinters hurt to get out. WYR bite a curb and get hit in the head while doing it or get poked in the eye with a needle?

if i got my sight back, the needle, but otherwise the curb

Curb, I can live without teeth, i can't live without sight. WYR be attacked by rabid squirrels or swim in a tank full of piranhas.

suirrels, idk y

Rabid squirrels, because you can brib them with nuts! haha.. WYR lick a toilet twelve times or chew gum for 30 minutes you found a bus

toilet seat, it may have been cleaned recently

I think the toilet, as long it wasn't too public of a toilet. WYR have excessively long ear and nose hair that can't be cut or a butt that won't stop growing?

bring on the ghetto booty, i could rock it

Long ear and nose hair, the nose hair will only make me look more manly and wouldn't mind too much about the ear. WYR die drowning or by being burned alive?

burned, idk drowning just seems worse

drowning because it would hurt less…WYR go to the bahamas or australia for vacation?


AUSTRALIA, already been to the bahamas!!

The bahamas!!!! :):) WYR listen to oldies all the time or hard metal all the time?

oldies, i dont like metal much

Oldies, hard metal gives me headaches. WYR be really smart or really athletic?

smart, there are a lot of really athletic ppl who dont make it

Truly to be really athletic can get you farther in life…its one in a million to go pro…WYR be a toddlers play toy or its teething toy

play toy

diaper or a wet wipe

wyr be richard rylee or alex stopak?

Easy - Stopak. He has a great beard. WYR swim with sharks or be in a cage with a lion?

Swim with sharks. You never specified which kind, so they could be whale sharks. :D
WYR eat pickled pigs feet or raw squid?

I've had squid before; it was awful. So, I suppose I'd try a pig's foot. WYR read a 100 page book in a language you don't understand or stand on hot coals with bare feet?

hot coal with bare feet any day!!

Read the book, it would kind of be lame but at least it wouldn't hurt!

WYR take the take the Final Again, or Rewrite the last lab report?

Take the final again. WYR own a ps3 or an xbox360?

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