What's up with the "posting"?

Some people are "editing" pages but they don't change anything? Why does this keep happening?

:) because people can delete things like spaces or words (or add), which makes them look like they are actually posting and contributing to the wiki site, but in reality only like their name shown 500 times to get the grade.

yea its a easy way too do that i guess

Um, yeah. I have an admin-access way of quickly viewing what people's alleged "contributions" were to each page. So, while I haven't been policing this kind of behavior in that I haven't called anyone out on it, don't think folks get wiki participation points for not actually participating. Ironically, the people who do this don't seem to be reading the wiki that much anyway, so they prolly won't see this note, either. -DxRR

I asked you, Dx RR about editing pages being enough of a contribution, and I'm pretty sure you said fixing grammatical errors and things like that counted towards wiki participation points.

Yes, and fixing actual errors DOES count as wiki participation—even if they're pretty minor. What I think the original author is talking about is the practice of "editing" a page by adding and then deleting a space or two. This obviously makes NO contribution to the actual content of the page. Hope this clarifies.

It does. Now is there a chance you could answer a couple of my other questions - like is a telomere the region of DNA the RNA primer attaches to, and how did we calculate 125 replications of human DNA before 1 mutation was formed?

Ask both of these questions at the beginning of class tomorrow, since I think they are good ones that lots of folks could benefit from having answered.

This counts :)

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