What does everyone do on weekends for fun??

I see a movie every weekend. - I would I could do that!

I hang with my roomie.

I usually hangout, but most of the time now all I do is work at home; there is always a job to do at home.

I raise all heck!

I watch movies, Gilmore girls, and work.- What about homework?

Homework is for Sunday nights ha ha ha, but some papers are worked on during the weekend if needed.
I try to get my homework done by Fri night so the rest of my weekend is full of FUN!

Agreed! Friday and Saturday should be days to mess around and not worry about school. However, if work needs to be done, that sucks.

Homework, then hanging out, and then maybe some old school Playstation games. :D

Video games is a fun weekend activity. But so is playing with your 1 year old niece!!
I don't have any nieces.

Sunday is the day of rest and homework!

Some might say weekends are the time for going home.

I like going home on weekends too. Now that its almost summer I;m excited to be home all the time lol

Ya weekends I usually go home and work, but I've heard some schools like Peru State don't have classes on Fridays! That is something I feel should be brought to Morningside. Robson should mention something to the prez… lol

I spend my weekends… doing things that make me not remember the weekend…

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