Vikings v. Saints= true super bowl.

Colts are boring. Why not just say this game should determine it all?

Colts are awesome.

The Colts are only the Colts because of Manning. If he wasn't on the team they would not be nearly as good. Manning is talked about way to much. Lets go Vikings-Jets Super Bowl this year. Vikings on top 34-24


I've never sat through an entire superbowl game. I don't think I've even ever watched the half time show.

Then why would you say colts are awesome then??

I can say whatever I want to!

All I have to say is…………..Peyton Manning = MOST VALUABLE PLAYER! That is all ;)

He's good, but Brees, Favre, and Chris Johnson should be gettin some looks too.

Peyton Manning is the most intelligent QB there is, as well as the most dedicated. He reads defenses like a book and audibles around it. Who cares if your legs aren't that fast as long as you can make up for it with brains and an arm. Favre and Johnson are good no doubt but they still aren't gonna be making the trip to Miami for the SB

This is ridiculous. Everybody knows that the Vikings should of went to the Super Bowl so that Farve could win one last time and then he could FINALLY retired and end on a good note. Really, this "retired" and "unretired" B.S. is getting out of control!

Vikings suck. Colts will win the super bowl. Saints dont stand a chance…. 'nough said. :)
Favre will come back for one more year and finish with a super bowl win and get the vikings a good one!

So….how about that Vikings and Saints game…

Sorry i hate peyton manning, something screams douche bag about him to me. well go saints now that the vikes are out. i hope favre comes back again!

i am gonna have to go for who dat! the saints have a lot going for them and i like the way drew breeze plays the man can make it rain all day


Peyton Manning is possibly the best Quarterback in NFL history

Ya know… Peyton Manning is good, but probably not the best in NFL history.

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