Man am I glad I'm not a Kansas fan…go UNI!!!

I am strangely stoic about this.

It's ok; that enzyme of yours can help you out.

Ya I'm sure that enzyme will be very busy throughout the night

yeah but it may not be due to the game….. its saturday night!!!

Go Panthers!

Soooo many upsets this season! I LOVE it!! Let's just hope my Blue Devils don't get upset!

Duke always gets upset…thats just a fact of life lol

Hey now lol watch it!

Now that is a low blow. Hopefully Duke wins it all. They have the easiest road to the Final Four.

…talk about a master card commercial. $150 plane ticket, $200 a ticket, $300 worth of hotel fees, and watching Kansas lose….. priceless!

KU or KState?

That is such a HUGE win for UNI. Not just for the tournament but for their program overall. The program has gotten bigger and better each year but a win like this should really boost their recruiting abilities too. I'm not putting it past them to 'upset' Michigan State too. I hear Kalin Lucas is out. Should be a good one. GO PANTHERS!

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