Transgenic Panel Discussion

I thought the panel discussion was pretty interesting tonight. I thought the panel (for the most part-the dude with the uncontrollable beard paused too much and took too long to explain some of his somewhat vague points) did a good job of explaining what transgenics is. I found it even more interesting to hear 'how' the professors from certain departments either took a 'pro' or 'con' approach to transgenic organisms.

I agree that the panel did a good job explaining what trangenics is and how it followed their individual groups. The professor with the beard and long hair didn't seem to come up with many valid points on how transgenics fits into the field of art though. I don't think of it as art at all. I personally think of it as a science and how you can throw it into is beyond me. Just because something looks good and is different doesn't mean that it is necessarily art.

Are we supposed to email her our paragraphs if we decide to write? By the way, it was pretty awesome to go to the second part of the panel - there was a panel last semester, too.

Yeah, the panel last semester was a lot better, I thought, than what they discussed last night. But, the material they covered last time was very good. It took forever last semester, so I was happy that they tried to cut down on their talking time last night.

It was so worth 10 Extra Credit points!

That one lady had a cool accent!

I like the panel again as well, except i thought they could've done a little better. I really liked last semesters panel and the way they went about on transgenics. Best part was when we all knew Robson was going to MIC that art teacher haha.. Come on man gunpowder is a bad thing seriously? We wouldn't be here without gunpowder and the neon glowing tattoo's are pretty i have seen some pictures online.

Way to put Bowitz in his place, Robson!!!

Robson called him out sooo bad. Well done R dub

I agree the panel first semester was better and that one guy talked forever!

I thought that the discussion was going great 'til the one guy got off on a rant and didn't let anyone else talk.

**Dr. Robson said we should type up our thoughts on the transgenic panel discussion and give them to her in class on Friday.

What about if we typed paragraphs instead of asking a question? Do we need to bring those to class?**

Sounds good

Let's be serious. Bowitz looked and talked like he was stoned out of his mind. He was very interesting to watch! Oh, that lady's accent was legit.

Right you are! But, I like how whenever someone asked a question it was the art professor that was talking about the science aspect of the discussion.

I made sure to leave before Bowitiz starting talking.

I agree; it was an interesting discussion; I would have liked a more direct discussion instead of just listening to each departments' views on it for most of the time.

Some of the professors needed to be somewhere else. That's why the discussion was cut short.

I agree that it should have been more of a discussion, and it should have included all the professors more equally.

Last semester each professor gave a "spiel."

Yeah, last semester i enjoyed more even though it took forever.

I would have to say this semesters panel was better just because Robson was there so it actually made it entertaining.

Both times I heard this panel, I left very angry. It just seems like the Bowitz guy is pissed cause he didn't think of the "art" thing first. And yeah, farmers need hybrid corn. That's how they get the most out of their field and make a living. If you don't like the idea, then don't eat it! That vegan guy does a pretty good job of not eating stuff…like amino acids….And when did the discussion turn into putting animal and plant traits into humans?! I thought they were just mad about a glow in the dark bunny and then the guy high out of his mind decides that were going to combine things. It just seems all really, really dumb.

I find transgenic organisms fascinating. It was the philosophy guy who made me angry last semester. I didn't much care for the art guy's presentation last semester either.

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