The Used/Atreyu

Whose goin? Got my tickets yesterday, am I gonna see Robson there?

Yes, Dr. Robson and her brother should be there.

I love The Used!!! But I have to work… *dies a little inside*

I would go but I have no one to go with :(

Go with Robson. HA. I'll be there for sure; the Used is awesome live. I've seen them once already, and I'm pumped to see Atreyu for the first time.

Who's going to Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd, Sick Puppies on the 26? Me! :) Except I gotta say I wasn't too impressed w Chevelle last time i saw them, o well the other two rock!

If chevelle wasn't good then sick puppies would be the only reason to go. Puddle of mudd headlined my first concert. Deepfield (whoever that is) rocked as the opener, Saliva is amazing… puddle of mudd sounds like a bunch of whiney junior high kids. completely ruined all of their songs for me. Used to love them until I saw them.

On that note, first band… drive a… meh i dont care for them, the singer did some cool stuff such as singing in the mosh pit. Atreyu was awesome, basically made my ears bleed (in a good way) and the used bandaged up my ears and made me feel all good again.

I thought Drive A was everything you want in an opening band: High energy, tries to get the audience involved in everything, catchy, but ultimately completely forgettable, and so you aren't distracted from the bands you really went there to see. I enjoyed Atreyu a bit more than The Used (even though I thought both were great), which surprised me since I went there to see The Used.

Atreyu put on one hell of a show I do agree. I honestly like the used more but atreyu did have a better show. The guitarists were awesome. In des moines the used put on a better show. But the way you described drive A is funny. They did put on a good show it's just that they werent my favorite band live. But it was awesome how you said they were forgettable which is true, I just never thought of it.

So Atreyu was way better than i thought, i didn't realize i'd like them… then Janus was amazing, and New Medicine was great (so got the guy's number and hotel room… but did i go? nooo damn you morals… and damn you too, kristin!) Chevelle was amazing though… it was just a damn good concert!

I wish I could have gone to see the Used! i wasn't really introduced to them until after the concert though but i completely fell in love with their music. holy crap, they are good!

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