Test Questions

Questions that could be/ would like to be on test:

1.Which of the following steps are not part of mitosis: (b & e)
a. Prophase
b. Proanaphase
c. Metaphase
d. Prometaphase
e. Protelophase

DxRR: I won't use this question as written, because I don't use made-up words in questions. All the words in a question such as this one will be real words, from the text.

2. Which is true of Anaphase: (a)
a. sister chromatids separate and move to opposite ends of the spindle
b. the nuclear envelope and nucleoli disappear
c. centrosomes serve as mitotic centers or poles; microtubules form between the poles to make the spindle
d. the nuclear envelope breaks down and kinetochore microtubules appear and connect the kinetochores to the poles
e. all centromeres have arrived at the equatorial plate

DxRR: This one is a possibility, but a bit too memorize-y. It's pretty much a definition question.

3. Karyokinesis is: (b)
a. division of cytoplasm
b. replication of nuclei
c. spindle break down
d. cell death
e. arrival of daughter chromosomes

DxRR: See comment on (2) above

4. Ways cell die (a & b)
a. apoptosis
b. necrosis
c. cytokinesis
d. karyokinesis
e. equatorialis

DxRR: See comment on (1) and (2) above. (4) has a made-up word, and is just a memorization question

What are some of the differences between binary fission and mitosis?
a. prokaryotes use one and eukaryotes use the other
b. one replicates DNA and the other one does not
c. the signal for one is usually environmental while the signal for the other involves the need of the entire organism
d. all the above
e none of the above

Answer: a. and c.

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