Test I

How did everyone feel about the test?

I sure did love coloring the cute cats! :)

I don't know. I really thought it was going to be a lot different than what it was. I do hope we get them back tomorrow, though.

Dr. Robson said she will try to have them graded by Monday, but she will be going to a concert this weekend…

I was not expecting 5 points of extra credit, but I was happy with it!

Same here! I hope she does get them done by Monday. I'm so excited, and yet scared, to see what I got.

Yeah, I don't really know if it's going to be a good score or a bad with this test, but hopefully a decent score!

Didn't think it was too bad, but that probably isn't a good thing. Nervous to see the results…

The thought the first couple of questions were a bit random, yet I think they were related to concepts we talked about in class…

Some people were upset about the yogurt thing with the serial delution because she only taught us that during one of the reviews and not actualy during lecture, so….

DxRR: No, Madison, we learned about serial dilutions in lab, and did two of them as part of lab projects (week 1, where we learned how to work with bacteria, and weeks 2 & 3 during the phage resistance experiment, where you had to figure out how far you needed to run out your serial dilution/which samples to plate so you could calculate how many total bacteria were plated onto each of the plates with the phages). And, as I've mentioned repeatedly, since the first day of class, material from lab will show up on exams. Again, this is because you're learning here how to be actual scientists, and need to stop thinking of yourselves as merely students in a science class. As actual scientists, the most important things are what you do in lab, and the least important is stuff that someone else yammers at you about. So, for future exams again please be advised that there will be a lot of material from lab on the exams, including calculations we learn how to run in lab but never discuss in lecture.

Nice to know, but kust to be clear I was not the person complaining about it…I knew what to do on that question.

well la dee dah

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