Anyone have some favorites? Post here :)

I liked the snickers one with Betty from Golden Girls in it… haha

I thought the bud light commercial that had the house made of bud light was pretty funny

My favorite was the one with all the guys with no pants singing "I WEAR NOOOOO PANTS!!!" …hilarious

Yeah, the beer house was probably my favorite. the etrade commercials were definitely not as good as they used to be…disappointing.
The Favre commercial was pretty funny though

My favorite was the Doritos one. The one where the kid slapped the guy and told him not to touch his mom and not to touch his Doritos.

- I agree with the Doritos add.. one… keep your hands off my mama! two…. keep your hands off my Doritos!

I liked the Volkswagen commercial where stevie wonder gives tracey morgan a slug bug… its funny because hes blind

I really liked the Volkswagen commercial too. I didn't think it was going to be funny until the Stevie Wonder called out one. My other favorite was the little boy with his Doritos. It was cute and funny!!!

I like the Doritos one too wiht the little boy haha he is so cute

The Doritos one with the two guys working out in the gym when the guy freaks out over him eating his Doritos was mad by someone from Nebraska lol

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