Summer Plans

Lots of bonfires, maybe a roadtrip or two, and working AAAALLLLLL the time! Hopefully a midnight grill-out sometime too!

What are your plans?

Reading as much as possible, maybe getting a job, getting a ps3 and playing it all day, swimming, hanging out with my awesome little sister, prob going to the zoo, and a vaca to wild west water park.

Going out of town and while I am in town working everyday, hanging out with friends, swimming, bonfires, and just having a great summer!

I am playing baseball all summer. Nothing like practicing or playing everyday.

bonfires, road trips, swimming, river floating, working, being outside all the time!!! :) yay! i am soooo excited for summer! definitely my favorite time of the year!

some bonfires, working non stop, maybe some camping, fishing, maybe a few road trips.

Bonfires, Floating down the Elkhorn River, Hanging with friends, taking a summer class, and swimming.

Living in the dorms again for 3 more months :( working out for with the basketball team here, working, playing SUPER NINTENDO, lake, hanging out with friends…and who else knows what!

I wish I still had an SNES! :D
I'm going to Florida for a week, but I'm kinda scared because I'll be on a plane, by myself, for the first time. :o

I am going to Haiti for a week to fix an orphanage and village

I'm taking classes and working… not very fun! :(
Sounds like my plans…

I have 3 classes, and no job. Oh shoooooot!

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