Studying for Final

If anyone is interested in studying for the final, a couple of us were going to meet up on Wednesday around 10 or 10:30am in the library, right before the final. We're thinking about doing it Monday after class but we're not sure what time we'd be able to, probably around 5pm though. Anyone else interested in coming?

There is a review session on Mon.

maybe..there is a chemistry review wednesday morning also though..

Monday sounds good I think.

I wonder if Elwood know that the biology final is the same day as the chem review session.

I'm sure he does, probably why he put it there.


liked chemistry until elwood was the teacher…. ha

Man I hate chemistry! not excited for that final….

I haven't even started studying …
I also am not a fan of chemistry lol

I don't hate chem, just extremely dislike the teacher/teaching style/lack of teaching!
I would come to the review session! ha

same here!

at least the chem final is all multiple choice… that helps some.

Yeah; that always helps though.

Multiple choice makes things a little easier.


Sooo when we all meeting? ha

anybody want to get a study group going on Tuesday night in Dimmitt?

With you, no way!! haha jk What time?

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