Study session for Tuesday

can someone post the stuff we went over in class today? I couldn't stay after class

YES!!! Someone should please post :) it would be most kind to those who were in other classes :)

We went over pedigrees, I can tell you that much, but the rest will have to be provided by someone who takes better notes.

Basically, we drew pedigrees for mitochondrial traits, x-link dominate traits, x-linked recessive traits, and y-linked traits.
It appeared likely that Dr. Robson would would have some kind of pedigree question on the exam where she would provide the PHENOTYPES of a few generations and from that you were supposed to figure a few GENOTYPES and whether the trait was mitochondrial or y-linked to x-linked recessive/dominate. It is difficult to post notes on the wiki because most of it was drawings not words….

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