Study Group?

I was curious if anyone would be interested in starting a study group to get ready for chapter quizzes, exams, etc. If you do get back to me… -Richard R.

I would be interseted, that is if it's at the right time. Madison K.

I am open to whatever time is good for other people.- Richard

Mondays after Bio lecture is good for me, I have two hours between then and honors. And I'm asuuming it would be in the library. Madison K.

I would be up to a study group for chapter quizzes - Jessyka

Monday sounds good to me- Richard

This monday or next monday?-Madison

Next monday- Richard

Okay I will be there, hopefully other people will be there too-Madison

In the library in one of the group study rooms-Madison

I will prob be late this monday, I have to run to lewis hall and have a paper signed first-Madison

Are you in my bio lecture? Richard

Yeah, there is only one Bio lecture-Madison

Actualy I won't be to study group at all today, monday the 25th-Madison

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