Six toed cats are AWESOME.

I don't like cats. I don't trust them. I especially wouldn't trust one with six toes…

You know, a 6-toed cat can't flip you off!

My cat's paws are so big it looks like he already has 6+ toes.

I love my cat!!! People think she is unlucky because she is totally black, but I've had no bad luck based on her.

Question: Why don't you like or trust cats??

My cat is totally white. Does that mean he's super lucky?

I feel as if 6 toed cats might have an advantage in the future….

I don't think cats were made to have 6 toes.

No, he can't be super lucky. Because his fur could get really dirty really fast. That's not lucky.

What purpose do cats have in the world?? They are not man's best friend like dogs and can't save people like dogs do! Also, you don't have to call the fire department to get a cat down from a tree.. what a waste of my taxes lol

Hello, there are plenty of stories where cats saved people's lives. And, yes, my cat's fur gets dirty easily. It's funny to see him play in the snow; he looks more yellow than the white snow.

Cats aren't as cool as dogs, but they need a lot less attention and effort. So, if you get a cat you don't have as big of a commitment as a dog..So for people who want that, a cat is better than a dog. I like dogs better, though.

I'll have you know my cat requires a lot of attention. He needs to be petted plenty. Cats smell way better than dogs!

So you're sayin' your cat roles around in urine??

That's gross! His fur just looks more "tan" than the snow. His white isn't as white as fresh, powdery snow. Got it!!!???

Your cat might require much attention, but not near as much as a dog…and most cats aren't like that.

I just hate it when people say cats don't like people as a generalization.

I love my KITTY!!

Diddo!! I adore my kitty cat, too!!!!

I don't mind cats at all…most seem to be pretty nice, but there are some really mean ones.

I am not a big fan of cats. I would rather have a dog.

I still think cats are only good for one thing…target practice!!

I don't agree with that but I definitely think dogs are better.

Ew… I hate cats…allergic to them, too. They just aren't friendly or playful at all.

I disagree wholeheartedly. I love my cat more than any puppy I might ever have.

I love both cats and dogs!!

Dogs are way better than cats are!


OK i have a slight dislike for cats also, i love my dog more then any cat.

I think dogs are more affectionate and are a lot smarter than cats… :P

I agree, dogs are much smarter than cats!

Cats just don't show near as much affection as dogs. Cats will be pissed at you when you come home sometimes. dogs are always happy to see you

My cat thinks he's a dog. When I used to ride the bus in high school, he would for me on the deck and then run to me as I got off the bus.

I still think cats are only good for one thing…target practice!!

That's Terrible!! Cats have feelings too!!!!
Let the person who said cats are good for target practice be smited.
Have you, cat target person, been properly smited?

I love both puppies and kitties!!! They are both just so adorable and fun!!!

Kittens are only cute I hate cats.. and Dogs well they are the BEST!

I agree..

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