This is for everyone that loves shoes….inspired by my huge collection I figured we could talk about how AWESOME my shoes were today!

What is with mr. Negative Nancy here… Shoes are awesome…they keep your feet warm, dry and also complete an outfit!

Shoes can be super cute or super cool! My personal favorite is Converse, they are comfortable and they provide more ankle support than most shoes and they come in all sorts of styles, but they do not do well in the winter because they are made out of canvas which water can easily get through as well as cold.

Shoe are awesome. In fact, I am excited to wear a new pair I just bought. :)

Sweet! What kind? And are they super cute?

I have two pairs of awesome boots - maroon velvet ones with a heel and a pair of red and white rubber boots that are covered in red hearts

i like my uggs!! bailey buttons!! veryyyy cute!

None of these shoes are as cool as Jordans… sorry to break it to you

Alex I have to agree with you! Im not a shoe person except Nikes are sweet!

yea the only shoes i need are my boots and a good pair of Nikes

Every one looks BA in a pair of Air Force 1's! but J's are a close second

I need 2 pair I need 2 pair

Jordans are the best shoe ever!!!!

All I need are my boots and tennis shoes. I'd like a pair of dark brown boots though.

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