Sciency TV Shows

3 great shows that have a lot of science going on in them! Check out the intros and go check out the shows!

::warning, they don't always use the science appropriately… sometimes tv cinematics wins out::




Bones is a really good show

CSI is still the best even if some of it is a little far-fetched.

Bones is pretty awesome.

House is really fun and intersting to watch!

Criminal Minds is an awesome show to watch and it can be sciency when they are looking into the mental states of the unsubs

Fringe is the most scientific show there is! And its AWESOME!!

CSI, House, and Criminal Minds are great shows..

Life on discovery channel is legit

There needs to be more sciency shows.

The eleventh hour is a show that used to be on that is very sciencey.

Agreed with Criminal Minds for sure

Life is definitely an amazing show!

Law and Order isn't exact, but it's sciency to a point.

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