Review session for final exam

Should we have review sessions for the final exam?

I think that would be a great idea!

It says we shall review in class the Mon and Tues before the final.

there is a lot of material though..

I think we should try to get some reviews outside of class. possible, next week?

YES! ultimate review session!!!!!!

Sounds good to me. I need it.

Review would be a good idea. Lots of stuff this semester.

Would we have the review session with Robson or just students in the dorms?

With Robson might be the most helpful.

Yeah with Robson so she can help us.

I'm kinda nervous for this…

What time did she say the review is monday? other than our in class review..

Monday night review time is 5:00.

We're also reviewing this Thurs at 6:30!

There is also one on Tuesday after class.

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