review 1 for final

If a CONCEPT is NOT covered on a previous exam than it is not going to be part of the final, but new material since the last exam will be.
Plus, we need to pick how the final score will be incorporated into the final grade. NOTE: Dr. Robson will not reward knowing something short term like an exam but not in the long term like a final…

We covered some problems on the third exam that should be covered tomorrow…also Dr. Robson revealed that some questions on previous exams were designed to trip people up so they would learn/remember something.

All experimental conclusions are invalid if a negative or positive control is missing—VERY LIKELY TO BE ON THE FINAL

also, if the negative control is testing wrong, then the rest of the experiment is invalid.

endosymbiosis will be on exam but might be tied to other stuff we learned.

Dr. Robson said that in general people in similarly formatted classes scored a whole letter grade higher than on previous exams :)

we went over the math in the mutation rate problem like 1/250 chance of winning the lottery times buying 14 tickets equals 0.056

Five Top Concepts!
1. How evolution works/occurs (mutations occur randomly, the environment choose for them, rate is relatively rare but occurs on a regular basis like artificial selections)
DNA/ inheritance
mutagens (increase production or messes up DNA replication)
where it occurs is random
phenotypes more likely to survive/reproduce will ultimately become majority
artificial/natural selection

:) thank you!

Thanks I missed this review

Do we need to know the steps of DNA replication??

Way to go everybody, good luck!

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