possible questions for the exam

What are some of the differences between binary fission and mitosis?
a. prokaryotes use one and eukaryotes use the other
b. one replicates DNA and the other one does not
c. the signal for one is usually environmental while the signal for the other involves the need of the entire organism
d. all the above
e none of the above

Answer: a. and c.

Which of the following observations would disprove evolution of humans from other animals?
a. alien from outer space has DNA that is 99.999% identical
b. chimpanzees DNA is 98.4% identical to human DNA
c. humans have unique traits not seen in other animals

answer. a.

Mitosis: Put steps in order (cross out steps that do not apply)
__ microtubules attach to centromeres of chromosomes, pull chromatids apart
__ chromatids lined up at metaphase plate
__ DNA wrapped around Histones
__ FTsZ ring forms in between daughter cells

answer: 3, 2, 1, X

Mutant Retinablastoma, such that can not be phosphorylated, which of the following would you predict to be true of cells with this mutation?
a. cells would be cancerous
b. there would be no change to phenotype of cells
c. cell could not replicate its DNA/enter S-phase
d. An organism with this mutation could not develop past fertilization

answer: c, d

Differences between cytokinesis and karyokineses:
a. karyokinesis is essential for cell division
b. cytokinesis is the division of the cytoplasm
c. karyokinesis is the division of the nuclei
d. cytokinesis in animals cellsis facilitated by the formation of a contractile ring made of myosin

answer: (i think) b, c, d

Which of the following are differences between meiosis and mitosis?
a. meiosis results in cells that have only 1/2 the number of chromosomes of normal somatic cells
b. metaphase only occurs once during mitosis
c. meiosis begins with DNA replication

answer: a

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