Possible Exam 2 Test questions

Character is analogous to trait as gene is analogous to (allele).

What are the differences between dominant and recessive alleles?
A Dominant alleles code for a protein
B Recessive alleles are nonfunctional

C Only recessive alleles are physically visible on an organism
D Only dominant alleles are inherited

An organism has blue eyes and the allele type Bb. What is true of this organism?
A) Organism has homozygous alleles
B) Organism has heterozygous alleles
C) Organism has two copies of the recessive allele
D) Organism doesn’t possess protein which makes eye color

You can't be heterozygous and be blue eyed. Blue eyes are recessive, so you need to be (bb) to have blue eyes…at least that is what I thought we were taught…

What is true of the following four allele types: dominant, recessive, homozygous, and heterozygous?
A) Apply to only diploid organisms
B) Apply to both diploid and haploid organisms
C) There is nothing in common with these four things.

Which of the following are correct statements concerning our E. coli vs. T4 phages lab?
A) Wild type E. coli were killed by the T4 phages.
B) Both the wild and mutant types of E. coli were resistant to the T4 phages.
C) The point of our experiment was to determine if the mutant type E. coli could become resistant to the T4 phages.
D) Whether the E. coli were wild-type or mutant type had no effect on their resistant to the T4 phages.

Weather man says there is ½ probability of it being sunny tomorrow. Bob thinks there’s a 1/3 probability the winds from the east will blow away the clouds by tomorrow, allowing for a sunny day. What is the probability that it will be sunny tomorrow?

What is true of independent assortment?
A) There is more than one trait per chromosome, so the concept of independent assortment is not always valid.
B) Alleles are inherited independently of one another
C) Copies of genes are split independently in metaphase 1
D) Chromosomes are divided in a specific order during meiosis
E) Always applies to genes located on the same chromosome

Will any of these be on the test???

These are all great question. Top notch work people

I sure hope these are on the test because that would give me a few points at least.

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