Polydactyl Cats

Some fun and interesting info on Polydactyl Cats….

Nickname: Mitten cats, Thumb cats, Hemingway Cats
Back in the 1800's the extra toes were associated with witchcraft and were killed as a result.
Eventually become known for good luck
Polydactylism is most common in Maine Coon cats
Jake, a polydactyl cat from Canada owns the world record for number of toes, 28.

Tiffany Strilka

Picture of Mitten Cat from i can has cheezburger.com


Ha looks kinda like the one i had…ever hear the expression heads will roll? well its true :(nukey450x600.jpg

woah that is freaky haha

if ya think it is creepy try checking out this book… it will make you feel better
101 uses for dead cats

The book sounds hilarious. I wonder if Mufasa or Simba were polydactyl? That would have given Scar a valid reason to be jealous. I hear lions do not care about the size of their 'cathood' but instead show their manliness through large numbers of toes..

Haha well I watching Lion King the other night and I didn't see an extra thumb on the paw but guess I wasn't looking.

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