I figured everyone has a view on politics and this is a good way to get everyone involved. What do you think about our government and how it is being run?

I am fascinated by the ongoing attempts to censor this conversation going on on this page.

I'm trying to follow the healthcare debate and it's making me dizzy. Right now, it seems like republicans are trying to make the bill seem like a pro-choice move. They are really trying to scare people out of supporting the bill by claiming that it will have abortions covered by insurances. The sad thing is that people will believe said claims and will not support healthcare reform. I would prefer it if people chose whether or not to support the reform because of actual facts, and not BS fed to us by republicans OR democrats.



What's this whole healthcare thing about? I don't ever understand what's going on with that…

Yeah, I think this page is a good idea. I would like to know more about this topic also because I don't keep up with the news… Anybody have more info on what's going on???

Here is a link to the New York Times coverage on it…This is a complex issue.


I have a hard time keeping up on it, too. It seems like if you don't continually watch it on cspan or something, you get way behind.

i am not a big fan of all the health care assumptions going around on what we need to do and stuff like that i understand that now there is a major need for it because of the baby boomers are reaching the age of retirement and can cause a serious head ache on our economy then what it already is and we need to find a way to balance it out with a health care system idk it gets me so confused sometimes

Well it passed yesterday…with no republican votes…interesting how the side in power can decide everything. But I guess we'll see how it plays out

we the pres. said that he was going to sign it if the bill ever did pass and well now it just did… lets see how this goes i guess

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