Parafilm: the greatest invention of all time? I think so.

Why is parafilm so great?
You can blow bubbles in it.
You can make silly sounds with it.
It is stretchy.
It's see-through.
It's fun to play with.
It has the best texture ever.
You use it in biology lab - so useful!
It's handy.

The down-sides of parafilm:
It's not sold in stores, only science magazines.

Hmm…How can we make people realize that parafilm should be sold everywhere?

I should talk to my boss since I work at a grocery store, see if I can make that happen … haha. <==not a bad idea! that stuff is cool!

- definitely something that needs to be addressed. lol

Well I will see what I can do!

Parafilm needs to be sold everywhere. Do you realize how much use you could get out of it just in your kitchen alone!? Also, it seems like it would work great as a bandage…if you happen to slice your finger while chopping up some onions, just wrap it up in some parafilm!!—-This is so true!!

parafilm club?

Ha, really, keith? You would!

I agree… ha ha

what? i like the idea we could play with it, experiment and even burn it!

This is true; we could!

Burning things is SOfun!

I think we light alcohol on fire at least once every 2 classes periods in my group! Love that part

We should have tried to burn the parafilm.

It could be one of those lame things to burn where it burns so fast u don't even know what happens but I bet it would still be fun cuz burning thing is fun.

Haha.. sounds like a bunch of pyros! Even though I do agree that burning things is cool to watch.

There is nothing wrong with pyros :)

We got to play with it again today!

We did SCORE! It was fun (

Parafilm definitely entertains ME!!!! YEAH!!!

It entertains EVERYONE!!!!

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