Paper Cuts

Paper cuts hurt like no other! I wish there was some cure to make them magically go away…. Bandaids get in the way, and there doesn't seem to be an effective, pain free way to care for paper cuts. Does anyone have some wisdom for those of us suffering this fate?

The only reason the paper cut hurts is because it is open to the air; try holding a sliced potato to the cut for 15 minutes.

paper cuts hurt so bad because the cut was made by a somewhat dull object, paper. paper is more dull than a knife or any common cutting utensil. this means that the cut will be shallow. shallow cuts cut the more sensitive nerves since the less sensitive nerves are actually located deeper into the skin. also, since paper is dull it will likely rip the skin rather than acutually cut it. This makes the cut more ragid and cuts more microscopic nerves which are, again, the sensitive nerves. Since the cut doesnt bleed it will hurt more cuz there is no clot to seal the wound and the nerves will continue to send pain messages to the brain until the cut is sealed. so as long as u seal the wound the pain will go away, u can even use things such as glue to do so

The potato idea is an interesting thought. Yet, I have to wonder, where does a college student get a fresh potato to slice? Should I buy a potato at WalMart for one piece to cure a little paper cut? I would then have to throw away the rest of the potato or cook it atop a stove in a pan most college students don't possess. Hmmm… Yet, I think there are pans in some kitchen areas in the dorms. Interesting…

Rubbing Chapstick on the paper cut is another cure; this one is more convenient for a college student as the chapstick can still be used for your chapped lips later on, especially right now with the windchills in the negative.

I like the Chapstick idea a LOT! I almost want a paper cut to try out this theory… Yet, that seems silly to endure a bit of pain for no reason. Thanks for the neat ideas!

You could always just stay away from paper completely. This would be a tough thing to do, but would stop the problem be4 it starts.

To stay away from paper… does that mean I have to stay away from trees, too? You know, since paper starts with trees??

I think that anyone would just try using chapstick or just deal with it!

I think you should stay away from the trees anyways currently, the falling ice may destroy you.

The ice falling from the trees makes weird noises.

Although the icy trees are dangerous, they sure are pretty.

Ok, short story about the icy trees. I was going up to the cafe to eat lunch from Dimmitt, and as i was walking up there, i stopped to talk to a kid across the street. And, sure enough, when I shouted, he turned in time to watch a branch/ice chunk fall off the tree and strike me in the head…

That's downright awesome!

Does it matter which kind of chapstick that you use?


I prefer Blistex, but that's just me.

Natural Ice is definitely the best. However it went out of production, but Wal-Mart still has a limited supply. :)
I love Dr. Pepper flavored chap stick!

Growing up, the flavored chap stick was sweet!

Hoo rah for Wally World - love that place

Wally World will one day be the death of america, but it is a super genius idea and it can never be stopped!

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