Pale is the new tan!

Tanning is bad…mmmkay?

It is SOOOOOO bad.

It causes skin cancer!

There are a lot of things that are bad for us, but we still do them. Tanning isn't all that bad depending on how much a person goes - once a week isn't bad.

I totally disagree! Tanning is bad all together.

Yeah, but it's kind of hard to not tan in the summer…. you have to get some sun.

Tanning in a bed is bad or tanning in the sun is bad too? cause last I knew, we need the sun for some of our vitamins to work… call me crazy…

Yes, you need some sun to help you synthesize vitamin D. You need some fat to allow you to make hormones. This is not the same as lying out in the sun/in a tanning bed for hours each week, nor the same as eating Big Macs most nights for dinner. It is, of course, true, that life is risky, and we have to choose which risks are worth taking, for what benefits. If you're interested in how medical professionals weigh health risks versus benefits, you should take Epidemiology (BIOL 319) the next time it's offered (Fall 2011). Also, it is a service learning course that is not Sociology!!

Well, what I said was that it depends on how much a person goes if someone went once a week the longest they would spend in a bed is twenty minutes not hours.

If you work outside your going to get the same amount of UV as a tanning bed if not more because your exposed a lot longer

Sunblock is a great invention…you should try it sometime.

Well, I think tanning is great! It's so relaxing; I love it!

Boo on tanning!

Haha I agree with you C! It seems to give you extra energy! And as for wrinkles who cares, don't they have Botox for that now anyway?? ;)

Why yes they do!!!!

We're all gonna die one day so….LIVE IT UP!

yea i am perfectly fine dieing at age 75 soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere then being 110 never going outside!!

Honestly I would much rather look a little pale in the winter months than like a brown leather boot for the rest of my life!


All about moderation! I have to tan a little before I go on vacation otherwise I get fried, and I think being burnt is worse for your skin than tanning a little so I don't get fried. Some people tan way to much and look faked baked though. That's just not cool.

I agree that it is better to tan a little before vacation because getting fried is not fun at all.

I agree people with pale skin burn so easily so tanning a little at a time is better than hurting from a sun burn.. And funny thing I said in class that we are all going to die one day so it doesn't matter because it is true

what ever happend to tall dark and handsome?!

You happened (:
-not very nice!

Dark means hair, not skin!

Ya, well, handsome means tan, not pasty.

There are plenty of pasty guys who are handsome. There are plenty of girls who have gone nuts over the actor who plays Edward in Twilight. I'm not one of them, but those girls do exist.

Tanning is a part of life. It's one of those things people are going to argue about regardless of being good or bad. Someone is going to do it anyways. I find it nice to be able to be outside and run with my shirt off or just be out there with no shirt on. I have enough hair its going to block some of the sun anyways so that will help block some of the UV rays.

If you want to tan, go tanning. Some will do it outside and some with fake and bake. Some will not do it at all. Some will wear sun screen when tanning outside and won't. Do whatever you want!


I agree.. do what you want… It's your life :)

I agree! (:


Exactly. Everyone has their own opinions.

So everyone likes freedom of choice.

Yes, I think that is what everyone is getting at.

Yay tanning :) but not too much! :)

I love the sun

Hope your all happy with Obama making a tax for tanning now!! lol Now congress is debating whether or not a person has to be 18 to tan so younger peopel don't recieve cancer earlier! ha Fake bake is a joke.. people do it to look like all the models and what not that sh*t is a joke people lets get real!

ha ha lol love the last comment

You gotta be kiddin me Obama…quite the change putting a tax on tanning

Haha I started tanning in 8th grade and I am still fine. And there is basically a tax on everything anymore so it really isn't that big of a deal.

I have a white ass so I should tan, but after reading ALL of the fun facts about tanning I guess I'll just keep my nice tan line the way it is. Maybe I'll lay out in the nude if I'm home alone at all this summer. What a way to wake up and refresh in the morning! haha

Oh, gosh! Good luck with that, especially when you burn your butt. It won't feel to great to sit on it … haha.


Eh, its not that bad lol

Too much tan is not good, but a little bit wouldn't hurt I guess.

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