I love the figureskating!

Me too!! It's my favorite thing to watch during the winter Olympics!!

I couldn't believe the American won! I was sure it was going to be the Russian.

The snowboarding is my favorite so far; Shaun White is freakin amazingg.

I completely agree. Shaun White basically has no competition. His 1260 Double McTwist thing he did for his final run… after he found out he won… was totally outrageous!!! <3 him!

Shaun Whites only competition may never snowboard again (Kevin Pearce). But yeah the double mctwist was amazing. He's my hero.

I don't know about you guys, but I am tired of seeing currling on T.V. It is always on. The station needs to find some other lame olympic sport…the stunts that the flying tomato was throwing out were awesome………..
I sort of like curling.

All i know is that i almost cried when the hot American snow boarder fell :(

I like the Olympics in general; all of the events are amazing!

I'm not a big fan of the Olympics. Sorry, but I would rather spend my time watching something a little more interesting than people skiing down a hill or spinning in circles on ice skates. And curling is stupid, except on the Simpsons, where it is hilarious!

The best part about the Olympics is the hockey. The most entertaining sport to watch, period. GO U.S.!!!!

Hockey is the best sport to watch!!!

Shaun White is the only reason why I watch the Olympics!

You all seem a little too much into snowboarding…

Because snowboarding is the coolest sport. It's definitely the one most watched by people our age, it just appeals the most. And although others are also cool… a lot of people like the snowboarding superpipe but not much of anything else because of the tricks they do. It's just awesome. Skiing is also awesome… speed skating is cool too. And to whoever said "I'd rather spend my time watching something a little more interesting," what is more interesting than sports? Especially when your country is represented by athletes, and usually dominates at that. There is so much variety, there is hockey, moguls, bobsled, snowboard superpipe, snowboarder x, speed skating, ski jumping, ETC. What is more interesting? Scripted television?

Yes scripted television

I wouldn't say snowboarding is the coolest, but it is definitely the most entertaining. If there is a difference between coolest and most entertaining.

I guess there is it's just that it depends on how you define coolest. If you think it means most entertaining or if you think it means strangest or if you think it means most difficult.

I'm gonna go to Brazil in 2016. Olympics are gonna be so sweet

The winter Olympics are definitely my favorite rather than summer Olympics, but I'm still not a huge fan. It gets old quick.

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