Ninja Turtles

There was a request for Ninja Turtles… enjoy :)


ninja rap

Haha I love the super nintendo game it was BA back in the day still is!

I used to dress up as Leonardo for Halloween. It was epic.

I like the rat, master splinter lol!

Here is a clip from the original movie! I can't believe I haven't watched it in forever! Does anyone have it?

haha ninja turtles were and still are the best lol

Ninja turtles are stupid.

I loved watching the ninja turtles when I was little!!!

Raphael is the best…and the toughest turtle out there

The turtles are definitely the best from our childhood.

I dont have the movies on dvd but i do vhs but over the summer ill get them so ill have them next year to add to my collection of movies i have over 150 and bought liek almsot 100 jsut this year

Best movie ever!

i LOVE the Ninja Turtles. especially Donatelo!

that was the greatest movie ever when i was little.

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