NFL draft

what did everyone think about the NFL draft this year?
i thought there were a lot of surprising picks that many teams had in the first round!
I love Suh! I wish he could have gone to a better team but oh well. He is still great!

I am now officially a Detroit Lion's fan! Go SUH!!

Yeah, but what sucks is if your the best then you go to the worst team. If your good, but not great, then you go to a better team. Make sense?

Being a Colts fan i feel that we had a terrific draft with hughes and angerer, and i liked the broncos getting tebow

I just had a friend from my school get signed by the buccaneers.

The Lions had a great draft. Suh was the highlight but they also picked up a lot of other good players.

All i know is that the broncos are retarded for taking tebow so high (he sucks) and the vikings are stupid for not picking up jimmy clausen as a steal.

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