I would like to inform everyone that the Budweiser Shootout is Saturday on Fox, and then the Daytona 500 is Sunday at noon on Fox. I don't want anyone to miss this great moment! Go Mark Martin!

Mark Martin should just go move to Florida and enjoy the rest of his days (retire). I haven't watched racing in a LONG time, but go Bobby Labonte… if he still exists.

HaHa. I would like to say that Mark does live in Florida, and there is no reason for the man to retire, yet; he is at the top of his game, looking better than he has ever looked. Plus, he has to love just being out there racing. Being a race car driver myself, I must say that I will never leave the sport either because it so addicting and a lot of fun. Big Bad Bobby Labonte is still around; he actually qualified for the race on next Sunday.

yea i used to race, it was the most fun i ever had, unfortunately it got real expensive so had to quit but i would do it again in a second if i could.

Good deal. I was there when he won the Brickyard a few years back. You're going to be like the guy that my brother races go-karts for. He's gotta be about 70 and still builds engines and goes to the races. He's the man.

All I know is that Jimmie Johnson is the man and he is going to win it all again this year.

I like how people say that favre should retire when he is to old for the game and yet a great example is a bunch of men in there early 50's to 60's driving around a race track doing 180 mph that is like waiting for a bomb to go off if you ask me. and o yea i am a Dale Jarret fan too.. drive that truck Dale…

Okay I have a few things to say here!! First of all Jimmie Johnson will not win it again and is one of the biggest baby/wussy's that i have ever seen in the sport of racing, He and Chad Knaus make me so sick to my stomach. I don't know how he can get fans to root for him Hes is a Donkeys rear-end if ya ask me. Second of all how can you say that the older guys driving around the track is a bomb waiting to go off!? These men have been doing this since before they were able to walk. If you ask me some of the older drivers are better than some of these new up and coming hot shots. Last season Mark Martin had one of the greatest seasons of his career and hes off to a great start this year. I think that people just hate to see the older generation still succeed at their sport. If it wasn't for these pioneers staying in the sport at an old age, the sport wouldn't be where it is at today. The only other thing that i am going to say is Richard Petty and Rusty Wallace, they stayed in the sport past supposedly this certain age that you have to retire and they were very successfully.

Yeah, I know nothing about race car driving. All I know is I like to see the crashes. I heard it's petty sweet to see in person though.

Depends on where you go really. My family used to spend the week before the Brickyard in Indianapolis and we would go to the races at IRP (USAC [sprint cars], Trucks, and Busch) during the week and camp across the highway from the track and then go sit on the infield for the brickyard. The IRP races were the most fun (I think) because we would spend a day at the track before the race at night so we would have a good seat on the hill. And at the Brickyard you can only see a section of the track, so that sucks. But in the sense that your just chillin in the nice whether and hanging like it is when you go camping.. then yeah it's fun in that way.

wow ok I guess Jimmie Johnson is a sore subject. I dont see why he would have problems getting any fans especially with a sweet name like Jimmie

I don't know how to spend a weekend other than at a race track. The smell of the fumes burning from the engines, Sitting in that drivers seat while the horse power shakes through your whole body. There isn't anything better. Being at the brickyard must have been a great experience i would love to visit the track some day, but i would have to agree that since you can only see a certain part of the track that it puts a damper on watching the race. Yes the crashes are fun to watch and sometimes you hope that it happens to a driver that you dislike very much (Jimmie Johnson) but when you are true race fan and driver yourself you fear them. That have such a huge impact on your money issues, your mental state, and they are just a big pain in the ass!
Now on to the Jimmie Johnson issue and how he is a very sore subject to me. First he is the biggest hypocritical, crying baby that i have every seen. Its Jimmie's damn way or now way. He wants nobody to bump him and if they do he starts crying that its everyone else's fault but his. He needs to grown up, stop sucking on his crew chiefs boobie and be a man. Start racing like your your past legends did. If Jimmie can start doing that then i may respect him but until then i hope he gets put into the wall.

I don't understand how people can sit and watch cars go around a track all day! They just go one way and there aren't really any crashes so it seems kinda boring.

I agree with you. They need to switch it up or something.

Ha, I sometimes hate when people say that… but it's pretty true. Either you love it or you hate it. It's kind of like fishing. The thing itself can be fun to someone or not… or you can just have fun hanging out and relaxing. either way you like it or you dont.
I've actually stopped watching it now. But I used to race go-karts and racing itself is very fun. And that makes other racing more interesting really.

I would like to say that there is so much more to the sport of Nascar than just driving in a circle. That just what these damn city yuppies think goes on. Competing in a race consist of having to prep the car before it even leaves the race shop in the Carolinas. Then the pit crew has to make sure all the adjustments are made to the car so that it qualifies well on Friday afternoon. Then if the car isnt handling right the crew has to make the needed adjustments so that the driver can drive the car to its full potential. Then while driving in races you have to have your faith in the pit crew so that they make a very quick pit stop to get you out in front of the pack. If you have a bad pit stop it could cost you the race. Then as a driver you have to make sure that you are running the right line, making sure that you are not using the brakes to much so that you will have brakes at the end of a 500 mile race, you have to deal with the 250 degree temperatures in the race car, you have to make sure that constantly aware of where the cars are around you at speeds of 200 mph because one slip up could be a costly one. These are just a few things that take place every weekend before a race. So people that say all racing is driving in a circle. Well my friend open up your damn closed minded head and take a deeper look into the sport before you start to make judgment calls about it. Trust me there is alot to it. The men and woman in this sport are true athletes.

Ya I agree with that. There is an unbelievable amount of concentration and coordination necessary just to keep the car on the track.

Nascar is stupid… nuff said

The only reason that you think the sport of NASCAR is stupid because you dont understand the true parts of the sports i know its alot for your little brain to comprehend!

If you know stuff about cars then NASCAR wouldn't be so stupid.

I enjoy watching the NASCAR race with my dad on Sundays :) If he didn't like it, i probably wouldn't either…

They need to make nascar into a figure 8 race! or a road rally

I would like to say to everyone that nascar is a great sport and has been around a very long time. There is tons of history in it if you would just take the time to look. I am the probably the biggest rave fan on campus and i know that the sport has changed over time, but there is so much that goes into it so changing it into a figure 8 or rally race is plan dumb! if you want that then watch the racing that is already that. People will never sway my thought on Nascar and racing. Granted i prefer to race local dirt track and watch it. But i have friends and idols that race in the high levels so i give them the greatest respect and always will. also an FYI the local track in this area start racing in mid april granted they arent like the local track in the south, but its still racing. so i encourage all of you to catch a race.

Let me know when you are gunna race and I will work the pit crew ha.
NASCAR is a sport and everyone should know that how many people do you know that has the endurance to sit in a 160 degree box that is traveling 180 miles mph and not stopping for 2-3 hours

I give them props cuz I totally couldn't sit there going in a circle for that long. Plus, in that time frame I'd definitely have to go pee.

A disappointing rain out today for the race at martinsville, be sure to tune in tomorrow at noon to catch the race.

Since starting this topic i, i have seen some interest in racing from people, but a lot of people still don't understand why we watch it on TV or live out our dreams on the weekends in the summer. I knew going into this that a lot of people aren't huge race fans, which i am well OK with. For those of you who are thinking about giving it a chance and are kind of interested. I would like to make it aware that Park Jefferson's track opens this weekend for their spring thaw special. It will be run on Friday and Saturday night. This is was racing is all about and the true roots of today's sport. There isn't a better place to be than at a local dirt track watching guys and girls give it there all for what they love. So take a 10 min drive north, crack open a cold Coors Light and be ready to enjoy some racing this weekend.

I would like to make it aware to everyone that Talladega is this weekend for the cup cars. This is one of the roughest tracks on the circuit. This time a year ago Carl Edwards got turned side ways and flipped upside down, then went air borne into the catch fence ripping the car to just a frame. This one is worth watching. 200mph with four wide racing through the turns. Tune in on Sunday.

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