Meiosis Square Dance


This is a quick review of mitosis. It's cute and has a little humor as well! Enjoy!!!

This is really good. Who would have known mitosis and square dancing had something in common? Haha…

It's pretty neat, but trying to listen to the words, the process of mitosis, is hard. Is it meiosis or mitosis featured in this video?

It's meiosis that is featured in the video…

If you watch it enough times you will never forget it! Also, I'm confused, Meiosis results in four new cells, but doesn't mitosis only result in 2 new cells.

Sorry for the confusion. It is of meiosis and I changed it. This was shown to me in high school and forgot which one it was.

Good laugh, and now meiosis is clearer! I kinda got distracted by the tune, but understand it better. Good find Misty!

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