Mitosis Basics

Interphase: During the S Phase of interphase, the nucleas replicates its DNA and centrosomes

Prophase: The chromatin coils and supercoils, becoming more and more compact, condensing into visible chromosomes. The chromosomes consist of identical, paired sister chromatids.

Prometaphase: The nuclear envelope breaks down. Kinetochore microtubules appear and connect the kinetochores to the poles.

Metaphase: The centromeres become aligned in a plane at the cell’s equator.

Anaphase: The paired sister chromatids separate, and the new daughter chromosome begin to move toward the poles.

Telophase: Daughter chromosomes reach the poles. As telophase concludes, the nuclear envelopes and nucleoli re-form (cytokinesis), chromatin becomes diffuse, and the cell again enters interphase.

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