Mitosis and Twilight!

For a great visual on the steps of mitosis go to figure 9.10 in our text book!

Here is a simple yet clear video on mitosis. []

TWILIGHT IS FAKE!! Vampires aren't real! Edward is a phoney and there is no such thing as a perfect person.

You are right Jeremiah about the perfect person…but Edward is really really ridiculously good looking!!!

So how come you never heard of people talking about him during the Harry Potter movies huh?? Just because one book makes him seem more good loooking doesn't mean he is good looking all the sudden because some lady says he maybe!

You didn't know me back when Harry Potter came out….I thought he was gorgeous as Cedric and cried when he died!

I agree with you Kristin, Edward is gorgeous, even as Cedric.

Edward is UGLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY in the movies!!!!

i agree with jeremiah that the whole vampire books series is not that impressive.. sry i just dont see that being to exciting

I think that I am really really really really really ridiculously great looking :)

I thought it was a good reference of how you see examples of what we are learning in pop culture. That and it was a fun post with an educational purpose still, not something random about candy…and Cody you would say that…

I only speak of the truth

… If you say so … :)

Agreed Edward is ugly.. Jacob is the hot one (:

Robert Pattinson is only hot as Edward because of the character. I don't think he is really good-looking outside of the movie, but there is something about him in the Twilight series that's just hot.

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