Viruses are considered to be nonliving because of their dependence on a host cell to replicate genetic material.

Now, what happens when one says viruses and bacteria are the same thing?? QUICK REMINDER!!

The answer to this question is quite simple.

God kills a kitten. Remember that orange stripped fluffy kitten your mom told you that you couldn't have because you weren't "responsible" enough to owe it? It's cause your mom knows that the kitten was too cute to live much longer because so many people on this Earth confuse viruses and bacteria.

Text your mom and ask her right now.

I don't have the capability to text my mom right now. I usually text my sister who then transmits my message to my mother. But, as my sister's cat died just yesterday, I think it is wise to not ask about the invisible orange cat especially since the cat who is still living is pure white as is the deceased cat.

The kitten does not have to be orange, stripped, or fluffy to be killed by God. Any kitten who is adorable and innocent is at risk to being killed by the large number of people who think bacteria and viruses are the same thing.

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