La Juas

Inspired by my big craving…..who likes la juas?! I do!

I do..went there tonight actually…i think im more addicted to that then i am b-dubs idk its crazy both had 2 burritoes with everything…Yum!!

Not a fan. bdubs is amazing though

LA JUAS is AMMMAZZING!!! chicken and rice burrito add avocados!! :) -delaney

La Juas can never get old! (:

I had La Juas last night! One of the greatest things this city has. The food there is amazing! I'll definitely miss that place when I leave here.

If somehow, a business could get immaculately pregnant…. aka Mary, mother of Jesus… said business would be La Jua's. and the food would be Jesus.

La Juas is a good place to eat but when I am usually on my "late night" meals ususally just going to TB

La Juas is amazing. But im pretty sure the guy at the register just makes up a number when you order more than three things lol

La juas is legit

Pretty sure La Jua's is more authentic and delicious, but thats not to say I'm putting the knock on TB at all, delicious!

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