kittens and viruses


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Viruses and bacteria are NOT the same thing!!
Every time someone says they are the same, God kills an innocent kitten! Please spread the word so that the killing of these kittens is stopped!

A count will be kept on the white board in lab. Each time someone says that bacteria and viruses are the same thing, that person will have to go up to the white board and add a hash mark to the number of kitty deaths.

We came close to having a kitten killed on Friday in class, but no worries…someone stepped in and saved the poor little thing! Good work!!

I don't think any cats' lives have been in danger lately.

I'm not sure why it has to be a kitten that gets killed. I think puppies' lives should be stake, too.

So would that make more people care if puppies were involved too? or is it just that kittens shouldn't be the only ones to get picked on?

All animals are precious!! It doesn't matter what animal is being killed. The sad thing is that one dies if we screw up.

I think the killing of a kitty/puppy is a silly incentive to know the difference between bacteria and viruses. You might as well make it a human who dies every time a person confuses bacteria and viruses.

There is so much hate!!! I hope more cats die in the world then people.

How dare you say such a thing!



Thats bad to say except Im not much a cat fan so doesnt really bother me…

That may have been a little too far

I definitely agree with the too far!

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