Keith Chvatal

I like broccoli. broccoli02.jpg

Keith that is disgusting! EWW!

Broccoli is good for nothing.

Potatoes are better.

broccoli and cheese is good!

Broccoli is good with ranch!!

Keith… you would like broccoli.

Boo on broccoli!!

Why's everyone hatin on broccoli?

i will only have broccoli in a stir fri thats it.

I still don't see the point of broccoli ha

Keith, do you like broccoli cooked or do you just eat it raw? lol

Both man!

That's disgusting! I can't eat them raw dog. lol

lol…raw dog

haha compliments of mr. dane cook :) lol

I'll stick up for you Keith! i like broccoli cooked and raw! :)

Gross Foster! We can't be friends anymore!

Broccoli and cheese anyone?..Delicious

I like cheese and broccoli soup….. lol

Not a big fan, but it is good with ranch.

Wel,l ranch makes everything better.

No, it doesn't.

How does it not?

I wouldn't be afraid to say that ranch does NOT make certain things better, for instance: Ice cream (any flavor), a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, cookies (most kinds), and possibly chicken noodle soup. I'm sure there is more but I'm sure you get the idea.



I'm just trying to keep this page alive. We can't let it die. Keith Chvatal FOREVER!!!
We could let Keith die though .. JUST KIDDING (:

Um…OW! I can't believe you said that

ouch lol thats mean lol keith your a good man lol

Yay broccoli and cheese :)

I say we let Carena die!! HA!

Broccoli is great with ranch, but cooked broccoli is pretty nasty.

I think Keith is a struggling unit for making a page dedicated to broccoli. Just throwing that out there.

I haven't seen you make one karly.

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