Karma levels

Karma bars are stupid…this is so dumb im on here a lot and dont have one at all so overrated

I have a bar :)


I was so excited mine was working!!! The little green bar is way better then a boring gray box!

Be careful what you say about the karma bars…karma sucks sometimes…like real karma, not the silly bars that basically decide our grade for 5% of the class…

its awsome…but do we really get graded on how high our bars are because you could use it and still not get a bar

I think I have one bar, maybe two. I didn't know that that was how we were going to get graded for the wiki.

Where is this bar??!!

i dont think we get graded on the bar…and the bar is right next to ur name under users

I think it just tells us how much we use wiki compared to other people.

I don't think you get graded for your karma level, just your participation on wikis related to bio. Because other members might have higher karma because they used wiki for different things before this…

I want to know if what we do has to be related to Bio or if it can just be anything, I post ALOT on this one but I hardly ever post about Bio, mostly just about the class.

You can post about anything. I don't know anything about this karma bar. All I know is that everyone must post on this wiki at least once a week. But, if at the end of the semester, the average number of posts per person is more than one post per week, and you didn't post that many times, your grade will suffer.

Then people better get posting because A LOT of us post more than once a week, closer to once a day, LOL!

That's my goal: post at least once a day.

I don't even know what this has to do with biology. Why are we REQUIRED to post on here? What does it have to do with the class?

Using the Wiki allows us to share notes, quiz answers, etc. I think it can be very helpful. I'm not sure why it's a requirement, but I think it is a neat idea.

I agree, neat idea, but no idea why it's a REQUIREMENT.

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