jan 7 lab notes

I. Syllabus FAQS:
a. Full two hours? YES!!!
b. penalty? We don't want to contaminate other people with the dangerous things we work with.
c. work in groups? a. Don't have enough materials. b. preparing us to be real world scientists.
d. podcast? It is a stream of media. ALL OF OUR LECTURES WILL BE ON IT. You can get to it by clicking on the link "Principles II Podcast" or by just searching "robson biology" through the Itunes store; then subscribe to "Principles of Biology II" by Dr. Rachel Robson on Itunes.
e. WiKi? No Moodle? Wiki is a community edited website where you can freely share information. On ours she recommend that you propose questions for exams, post youtube videos, and post notes/discussions. We don't use moodle because she is preparing us to be real scientists, not college students studying science. Moodle can only be used by college students, not others.
f.written assignments graded? Rubric/lab reports. STRICT ON SPELLING AND GRAMMAR!!!!
g. Turnitin.com? look up 2nd page. It doesn't look up and check competitive scientific journals. Turnitin.com takes our work and claims intellectual property over it.
h. class hard? She makes it hard because of the Flynn effect (look it up in other post) and because she believes in us. It's more like "real world" science and not "cook book" science. She is showing a statement that we are smart students and can handle this level of material.
i. viruses and kittens? If you say that viruses and bacteria are the same thing then God will kill an innocent kitten. The differences between viruses and bacteria: viruses are not alive and need to attach to a host cell in order to copy viral genetic material while bacteria copies its own DNA.

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