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This is my FOR INVESTIGATION answer, but it may be a little rough around the edges…just if someone needs a lot of help.
—>To show that protein does not enter the cell, the substance needs to be heated. The reasoning for this is that protein changes shape when heated and dies. If the bacteria transforms after the protein has been killed, it supports the hypothesis that DNA is responsible for the bacterial transformation. Also, the substance can be treated with DNase and protenase to make sure the proteins were gone from the substance in the first test and the DNA in the other test. If the DNase is used and the bacteria transform, it supports the hypothesis that protein is responsible for bacterial transformation, but if the protenase is used and the bacteria transform, it supports the hypothesis that the DNA is responsible for the bacterial transformation. The heating of the substance will be used for both trials, and a third trial will be set up with only the heating of the substance to serve as the control of the experiment.

First, you forgot RNase, also there is nothing about radioisotopes, other than that it is really good though.

Here is mine : First, I would heat the smooth cells and then I would treat them with DNase, RNase, and Protenase. Then I would mix them with rough sells that are living. Then I could inject them into some sort of animal or other organism. And the only ones that would live would be the ones that were treated with DNase, because if treated with DNase the DNA would die and there would be no way for it to transform. Thus, proving that DNA is resposible for bacterial transformation. (I know it sucks, but it was really hard. IDK if this will help someone else.)

Both of these answers are pretty good I'd say, but no one talks about radioisotopes and I'm not sure what to say about that.

Yeah does anyone really know what to say about the radioisotopes? I;m a little confused about that part.

I just mentioned in mine about how they have the same number of neurons and about how isotopes decay at the same time. I don't really know if that helps though.

Kristen! I fell asleep :( why didn't you text me, now I have to do this all on my own! Jk it's ok girl :) and thanks for the answers everyone

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