How to cite pnas?

Can anyone tell me how to get to the website that told us the exact steps on how to cite pnas? or just tell me how we are supposed to cite it?

Go to Then go to feature articles. There should be a list of texts. Use these as an example.

Here's an example of how Dr. Robson cited a source from PNAS—>

1. File TMJ: Streptococcus pneumoniae and community-acquired pneumonia: a cause for concern.
Am J Med 2004, 117 Suppl 3A:39S-50S. PubMed Abstract <— You need to number your sources. Also, the part where it says 'File TMJ' needs to be switched out when there are authors of the source.

with authors—> 2. Hendley JO, Sande MA, Stewart PM, Gwaltney JMJ: Spread of Streptococcus pneumoniae in families. I. Carriage rates and distribution of types. J Infect Dis 1975, 132:55-61. PubMed Abstract

DxRR: Actually, BiomedCentral Infectious Diseases (the journal where my article was published) uses a slightly different citation style than PNAS does. So, don't mimic the citation style I used in my article, but do mimic the style used by, for instance, this article. Yes, you're welcome.
Thank you very much had no idea how to do this!
Ya the website was very helpful

Glad this website is still up b/c i forgot it! thanks

Thank you!

Agreed. Thank you!!

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