Has any one gotten their grade back for last weeks for investigation? The one for chapter 24?

No Robson had a busy weekend of dancing…

Lol, ok!

I was wondering if anyone knows if we are going to get our grades back for our for investigation answers for chapetr 24 and chapter 9 before the exam? I don't know about everyone else but I would like to be able to see how I did on them before the exam.

Has anyone else gotten their grades back? On the for investugation for chapters 9 and 24?

I haven't for chapter 9 or 22 yet.

I haven't either so I'm going to say no one has.

Are we ever going to get our grades for our for investigation questions?! I'd like to know how I did so I can try and improve on the chapter 10 for investigation if I need to.

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