GOOD questions to put on exam 3

Q: A ribosome is scanning mRNA one base at a time. It is/has:
1. It has passed the TATA box.
2. It is translating the mRNA.
3. It is transcribing the mRNA.
4. It has started to connect amino acids.
A: 1 and 2
not 1 because TATA box is on DNA not RNA
because in RNA, A binds with U so there is no T for a TATA box…

Q: Proteins have the functions they do because:
1. of their amino acid sequence.
2. of their environment.
3. of their color.
4. of their shape.
A: 1,2, and 3
Erm…you know I am very fashion-forward, but even I question answer 3….
LOL, its 4 and not 3. I don't know how I put 3 down as an answer…

Q: What are some DIFFERENCES between prokaryotic and eukarotic transcription?
1. eukaryotes have transcription factors.
2. prokaryotes have little mRNA processing.
3. eukaryotes bind to a TATA box
4. prokaryotes end in a "hairpin" loop.
A: 2

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