Vikings RULE!!!!!

Go vikings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like that picture!!! The purple is pretty..

i say this as i wear my vintage favre jersey

This pic is sweet!

No talking bad about the Vikings in here!

Tight game as i speak! all tied up can the Gun Slinger pull through and get the win?

Of course! We are the vikings!

tough loss tonight guys, cheerin for the saints to win it? I really hope the colts lose.

do you think farve is going to come back or is he done for good, also are they going to pick up Vick if he leaves

i think favre will come back next year…but i hope the vikes do not get vick…the vikes need a pocket passer and not a qb that runs

I hope Farve comes back next year because the Vikings need to win a Super Bowl!!!!!!!

Farve needs to come back… him and his wrangler jeans are bound to win another ring

I still like this picture!

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