Fox farm experiment and artificial selection

Here's the video on the Russian fox farm artificial selection experiments we saw in class on January 12.

I found it amazing that these animals could become more docile over time, just like our domestication of dogs back in earlier times. Around my town, a fox is considered high worth and a very mean creature. To see one up close is a one in a million chance but if you do see it your pretty scared because of the mean nature of the animal. They have been hunted for the pelts for so long that their fight or flight instinct has become simply a fight instinct.
Keith Chvatal

I saw a silver fox in the middle of the night a long time ago when I was driving around. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

That would be sweet to have a fox as a pet. I would name him Todd. Then I would get a new puppy and name him Copper. I would call them Fox and the Hound. Haha get it? FAVORITE movie as a kid. Haven't seen it forever though. Anyone want to watch it sometime?! lol Mike O


Agreed that movie was awesome when i was little i havent seen it either for a very long time

I own said movie. Unfortunately, it's in KS at home. Maybe after Spring Break we should try to convince Robson to let us watch it during lecture one day…

I cried during Fox & the Hound… when the old lady has to let the fox go… sad stuff

Me too!! I love the movie but it is so sad at that part.

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