1. Suggest two ways in which, with the help of a microscope, one might determine the relative duration of the various phases of mitosis.

2. Describing the events and controls of the cell cycle is much easier if the cells under investigation are synchronous; that is, if a population of cells are all in the same stage of the cell cycle. This can be accomplished with various chemicals. But some populations of cells are naturally synchronous. The anther (male sex organ) of a lily plant contains cells that become pollen grains (male gametes). As anthers develop in the flower, their length correlates precisely with the stage of the meiotic cycle in those cells. These stages each take many days, so that an anther that is 1.5 millimeters long, for example, contains cells in early prophase I. How would you use lily anthers to investigate the roles of cyclins and Cdk’s in the meiotic cell cycle?

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