does anyone have any ideas on how to start the for investigation question for chapter 10??

I haven't even looked at it, yet. It's due on Fri, I think.

Pretty sure it's due on Friday at 5. If I figure it out ill be sure to post.

Here is the For Investigation question for Chapter 10 (due Friday by 5:00):

Sometimes scientists get lucky. Consider Mendel’s dihybrid cross (see Figure 10.7). Peas have a haploid number of 7 chromosomes, so many of their genes are linked. What would Mendel’s results have been if the genes for seed color and seed shape were linked with a map distance of 10 units? Now, consider Morgan’s fruit flies (see Figure 10.21). Suppose that the genes for body color and wing shape were not linked? What results would Morgan have obtained?

This what is in the chapter, but on the Moodle site it says: "What is the role of luck in scientific discovery? Pick just one of the two experiments either Mendel's peas, OR Morgan's flies to address in your answer to the textbook's Chapter 10 For Investigation question. OR, you may write about another example (that you just happen to know about) of luck, rather than scientific skill alone, allowing an important discovery." —-I think I'm going to answer this question.

I think she just wants us to expand on the book question. So, I answered the book question and then threw some stuff about luck into the end of my answer.

Mine is really short, I hope that is okay with her. How long were everyone elses?

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