For Investigation/Quizzes

Check your syllabus! Along with having to do the online quiz you must also answer the For Investigation question at the end of the chapter. Don't forget!

I knew about the quiz questions, but not about the investigation question. Thanks for the reminder!!!

Thank you for reminding! i forgot about the quiz too

Make sure to submit your answer on Moodle! Copy and paste your answer to Moodle.

Take online quizzes to stay up to date on the material
We can take online quizzes as many times as we want
For investigation problems
Hypothesis needs to be falsifiable
Positive and negative controls
Negative control: one field with no treatment
Positive: field you know is going to be destroyed
Most of the time will have to design experiment (most important part of question)
Need to be specific (don’t use words like: some, a lot)
Can workshop answers on wiki
Will need to know what would falsify hypothesis

Thanks for putting this up; it saved me big time when I first had to take the quizzes/ complete the "for investigation" questions.

You're welcome!

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