Does anyone know what day the final is for biology?

April 28

I believe it is Wednesday, April 28th at 12:45.

That's when I think it is to be taken, and the next day our last lab report is due.

The lab report is due after the final?

Yes; check your syllabus.

I wonder if we are ever going to get the grades for the lab reports we already turned in. (She said she was sorry about that). And, I wonder if we will ever get our exams back. (The test score is on Moodle). And, I wonder if we will ever get the grades for previous For Investigation questions that we have done but have never been graded. It would be really nice to know what my grade is, but it's impossible to tell with crucial grades still missing. If you are that concerned about your grade, go speak to Robson after class about it. I'm sure she'd be more than willing to sit down and go over your grades.

Thank you everyone for letting me know. :)

Wow! Back-to-back days of finals, and then the lab report. But, at least we will be done early.

Yes, thank God we will be done early. Better than sitting around.

I would almost rather have a day in between though to relax for a couple hours then hit it hard again.

Yeah, but our reports should mostly be done a couple days before the finals so we won't have as much to worry or stress about.

I would rather be done early, too… I am not a fan of just sitting around waiting for finals like last semester all my tests were on the last 3 days lol

Personally I enjoy getting a few days off. My tests were all on the last 3 days last semester too. I liked having plenty of time to fill out study guides and get ready for the tests. I think having a little time to relax helps me focus and study better.

I with you on this one. It would be nice to get out early, but it is also rewarding seeing all your hard work through the semester and those few nights come out in a good grade. I don't think would have been able to pull off the grades on my finals last semester without the break before them.

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