final four predictions?!

just post who you can see being in the final four at the end of march. i know that the brackets are not set up yet but, still put your opinions on who could make it.

my pre- March madness final four is Kentucky, Kansas, Syracuse, and Texas

KU is gonna definitely be in the top four - they wiped out K-State.

kinda hard to decide with brackets not out yet…but, I want: DUKE!!!, Kansas, Kentucky, and K-State

Duke, Syracuse, Kansas, and Kentucky will be in the final four. I think anyway.

I would really like to say that I watched college basketball because I do like to watch, but I have been sooo busy this season that I don't even know what team dominated.

ok so far two of the teams the i predicted have gottin the tar kicked out of them syracuse and texas now i got to predict two more teams for my bracket…….

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